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Default Re: Quincy, the doberman

I grew up on a farm and although I am a city girl now, I fondly remember our beagles rabbit hunting and all the vermin the terriers would drag up from time to time. It will make consistency difficult because the schedule is important. Also, I wouldn't know how to figure it in. The thing is a random animal as a snack could cause sugar to skyrocket and I feel like it could become an issue for her. I know you don't want to disrupt the pack and her role but this could be a dangerous practice. Life changes and the more consistent you keep her meals, the better her diabetes is to control. I know it is tough to think of excluding her but there are side effects of uncontrolled sugar that would be life changing for her too. My thought is to give it a chance and see how big of a problem it becomes - who knows the occasional rat might not be a big deal. Testing will tell you how she is doing.
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