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Default Re: Quincy, the doberman

I don't really know that you can figure something like that in... it is definitely challenging both with free roaming dogs and with dogs who do a lot of hunting or hiking. All of the activity and the unknown things consumed have a big effect on blood sugar.

I would test her at home certainly so you can catch an extra meal early on and you could skip or reduce her meal when you know she got hold of something and adjust her insulin dose to blood sugar that's unusually high.

The other thing to be concerned about with all that activity is, down the road, low blood sugar. One particular dog I know routinely went on very long treks into the woods and her blood sugar went dangerously low a dozen or so times. He had to carry syrup with him and carry her out more than once. So you should make sure you have a remedy for low blood sugar with you at all times when she's out with you. Maybe a little pack and she could carry it herself!

One potential side effect of diabetes is blindness - unfortunately, diabetes-induced cataracts are common. Not guaranteed but a high likelihood... so you may eventually have to change how you deal with her anyway in the future. They can have cataract surgery to have the cataracts removed but in about 10% of cases complications result in them being blind anyway. Dogs generally adjust very well to being blind so it's not tragic at all - not at all like it would be for us - but she would need different outings if that happened.

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