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Default Re: Hello! Rolo and I are new here.

Thanks for the good information Patty!

I wouldn't want my dog hospitalized but with Lantus if they're not home testing it really is a roll of the dice and I'd prefer good monitoring.

I got to know Betty the first night Monk was on Lantus because she was concerned about his dosage and reaction and we stayed online quite a while checking on him as she did not home test.

I am always concerned, too, because dog's don't always have a predictable reaction to Lantus. Chris never had a predictable reaction to an insulin so I was very careful when we tried him on Lantus but his reaction was downright scary... First, his blood sugar soared, for hours, with no response to the Lantus. And then it dropped like a rock, hundreds of points in a few hours. It was a nightmare for him.