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Default Re: Introducing Luna

I am hoping for some feedback about Luna's current situation.

About 10 days ago she started walking funny, which quickly turned to dragging her hind legs. Called my vet and they were unable to see her same day so I took her to emergency. They believed she hurt her back and sent us home with the medication Gabapetin. Four days later she was not improving, so I took her to her vet. Vet prescribed more Gabapetin and rest and told me to call if she got to the point she would not walk.

Last Monday morning I awoke to find her lying on her side, unable to move at all. I called my vet and was told to take her to a specialist 3 hours away. I admit I got upset since I thought this was a medical emergency, not a situation for a referral. I spoke with the director of the vet school as referred and they admitted that it would be not advisable to perform an MRI with Luna's pre-existing conditions. Vet believes she has a slipped or bulging disc in her back. I returned to the vet and they stated the only option was 8 weeks of crate rest with pain meds. She was given Methocarbmol as well as more Gabapetin.

It has been a week now and no improvement. She can eat and drink and is peeing and pooping when I carry her to a pee pad. I rotate her every few hours to relieve pressure points. I don't believe the meds given are enough to relieve the pain. My husband and I have spent many sleepless nights with her in agony.

We don't really feel supported. The vet said there isn't much that can be done for a diabetic dog with liver disease. She can move all her legs and tail and seems very happy when the meds are working. Most dogs with IVDD also are prescribed Tramodol, but they said Luna was not a candidate.

Are there any other general pain relievers available to diabetic dogs? If we could just give her a few pain free days she may recover. Thanks in advance!

I wanted to add that vet discussed putting her down and we made final arrangements on Wednesday. We wanted to give our son time to say goodbye and come home over the weekend. Luna really rallied and what we saw gave us such hope. Luna has been the comeback kid so many times when others have counted her out. Maybe I'm not facing the reality that this might be it. We have our routine down pat and she was so happy until her injury.

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