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Default Re: Internet Archives

The bad news is that there are only 2 home pages there--the good news is that Google has a lot of various cached pages. Their last crawl was April 2 for some.

What I'll start doing here is to post the Google cached thread links so you can view them as Google saved them. When I get enough of them, I'll try to put them in some type of order.

Most recent Google cache of the board's home page taken April 9.

Information & Resources

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia-like syndrome/ Hyperestrinism/ "Atypical Cushing's"

Financial Information to help with vet bills

Anipryl Product Information Sheet

Milk Thistal/Sam-e and more for liver support

ACTH Response (stimulation) testing for Cushing's therapy

Questions & Discussions

cached April 4--Newly Diagnosed Mini Schnauzer

Best Trilostane Prices & Where to buy

How long does it take on Anipryl before a change?

Medication for ACTH test

Archived Posts

Selegiline or L-Deprenyl (Brand Name:Anipryl)

Questions about Lysodren

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