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Lightbulb Something else beside the useful Pill pockets

I love Pill pockets and for sure Truffa & Nina, with or without a pill in them just ADORE THEM. Giving them any pill is totally enjoyable, but gosh are they expensive!!!, specially when you have to give them so many every day. I started using like a bag (30 units) every 15 days, and after that, 1 big pill pocket- the capsule presentation- is carefully molded to wrap the pills for Truffa for one day (and of course Nina also receives little pieces of the same pill pocket). So now each bag can be stretched up to 25-30 days at the most.

But today I found something that I will be willing to try, and I thought that you guys would be interested also. I purchased today the “Flavor Doh for Dogs”, I’ll let you know how it works.

Here are other options, one of them with flavors that specially would appeal dogs and others for cats :

My dogs like fruits in general so I think gel flavored capsules would be another good option: 4a07

Other options and suppliers :

Filler capsule machine :

A good guide about gel caps :

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