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Post Re: Something else beside the useful Pill pockets

Thank you Christy, the tip of the mini marshmallows is the first time I've heard about it, sounds delicious and easy.

My dogs are not picky at all and not allergic to peanut, and I have tried cheese, cream cheese (low fat), peanut butter, unsweetened apple sauce, and putting the pills on newton's figs.......... But Truffa is quite clever and she learned all my tricks and managed a way to taste the cheese or whatever and spit it out the pill, but since the pill pockets we became addicted to them, and everything that I hide in them pass all the tests!!!! and gulp into her tummy.

And cause I feel incapable of giving something to Truffa and nothing to Nina, then the poor pill pocket has to be split in thousand pieces.

I am excited about the Doggie Doh Sharon. I''ll let you know how it works. It also appears to be more healthy-wise than the pill pockets, will see.

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