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Default Re: Mikey no longer doing well on Trilostane

Hi Dorothy,

I'm glad Mikey is doing better! Your vet should have the recommendations listed on the UTK test results. They will list treatment option numbers and those numbers correspond to this list (on their website):'s.pdf

Wylie normally didn't have runny or loose stools, but I did switch to raw (Primal with some Nature's Variety). His poops in the past would be formed with medium firmness or somewhat "fluffy", but when I switched to raw... they got really firm and dense (no fluff). Just recently, I picked one of his poops up, and I thought "geez, that's hard as a rock" and then I thought, "that's odd, it's a rough shape". Then I WAS a rock...the poop was about a foot further than where I picked the rock up!