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Default Re: Introducing Luna

When we started with Maggie, her vet only tested her once a week. And kept increasing the dose. And completely overdosed her. I completely trusted my vet and had no reason to question her decisions. She was on 9 units twice a day at one point, and her dose(once we got her straightened out later) was only 2.5 units twice a day. She had a hypoglycemic seizure at about five in the morning on a weekend. Her body had been releasing glucose to counteract the insulin dose (which is why we were getting the high numbers when they tested her) and eventually that just failed. So, an inexperienced vet almost killed her.

I just decided to take over after that, learned all I could and started testing her at home. I found a new vet but told him we were doing this my way and if he wasn’t going to cooperate with testing, that I would find someone else. I was just angry at that point and felt betrayed by the first vet. Luckily, he was on board and his one stipulation was that I consult him before I changed anything. We worked great together and after a while, he told me I could manage it myself so he had no problem with me adjusting. It is all a matter of learning the basics of diabetes and home testing enough to understand your dog’s tendencies. There is not a vet on earth that will be able to understand your dog like you can. You just need one who understands that basing dosing off a single test is not a safe decision. A twelve hour curve is the way to set your dose. It involves you testing before the first meal/shot, and testing every two hours until the last meal/shot. Is that doable for you?

How much does your dog weigh?
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