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Default Re: Nima's crazy journey

Hi Auddog!

His thyroid hasn't been tested yet either. They are going to that along with a repeat CBC, BMP, UA, UC, and then finally urine cortisol & thyroid. You are absolutely right, he also has signs of hypothyroidism, but with his skin stuff going on too, I feel like it's more likely Cushing's? This is just my hunch, who knows, I will let everyone know once his labs come back through for sure.

Nima's mood is so much better. He has been improving in every way possible (mood wise, stool formation wise, appetite wise, which surprisingly he never exhibited polyphagia)... except for his BG levels.

Funny we're both 27. I am an RN and my younger sister is a 3rd year medical student and we both explain things to our mom but she never listens...
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