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Default Re: Diabetes, Cushings and Pancreatitis in my Dog

Originally Posted by labblab View Post
OK, itís me back again. Iíve tried to do a little more research about those other elevated adrenal hormones. And maybe the folks here will know more about possible interactions. But from my limited reading so far, Iíve not found an association between androstenedione and glucose levels. Estradiol may interact, but Iím not sure that itís in a damaging way. However, it looks as though elevated Progesterone/17 OH Progesterone can be associated with insulin resistance. Elevated cortisol levels, on the other hand, can frankly increase glucose levels. Thatís why the standard concerns about the combo of diabetes and Cushingís typically relate to elevated cortisol.

Again, if Yukieís glucose level ends up being quite difficult to control, then repeated testing of all his adrenal hormones may be warranted. If necessary, there is a prescription medication that can help lower progesterone, 17 OH progesterone, androstenedione and cortisol, as well. So do not despair! Right now youíre at the very start of the road. Iím sure the K9D folks will tell you thereís still a heck of a lot of insulin tweaking that can be done before we need to start worrying about a lack of response from Yukie.

As Marianne suggested if you see insulin resistance that may give another clue to the hormone imbalance . If you dont see resistance the diagnosis would be more difficult to guarantee
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