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Default Bayer Diastix Strips vs AlphaTrak

I have been using both the Bayer Diastix Strips and the Alpha Trak Glucose Monitor.

The last few days I have been walking Yukon and taking a urine sample for the Bayer strips and then also doing the Alpha track.

When the Bayer strips show green which means that his blood glucose is under 250 I then do the alpha track and it shows in the 400s to 500s.

Same thing when the Bayer strips show brown which means his blood glucose is 500 or above I do the alpha track and it shows in the low 300s.

Has anybody had the same problem? I am assuming the Alpha Trak is correct. I have used two separate bottles of the Bayer strips with the same color on each.

I just like to use the strips more than poking him and hurting him.
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