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Default Re: Introducing Luna

Sorry to hear about Luna. I just wanted to give you some moral support and say I think you are right to suspect that your vet is not supporting you.

There are other pain med options, your vet seems to only have tried two. And while many pain meds can interfere with liver function you could make a trade off and try them while monitoring liver levels since this is potentially a short term problem and not a chronic condition.

You can try to relieve any inflammation and see if that helps. Icing the injured area (or possibly using heat if that works instead) is an option. Also, I used HiActive Tart Cherry (Swanson Vitamins) broken open and sprinkled over her food. Turmeric Turmeric is a blood thinner and can cause stomach upset so be careful.

As for B-12 is must be methyl b-12. Another member recommended Gnc 2500 mcg. It can be crushed and sprinkled over food too. It can also be given as a shot (this is the preferred method).

If Luna is still eating OK I would give it some time. I think dogs can become depressed from a lack of mobility and people mistake it for pain. I thought Snickers was at the end several times only to have a complete bounce back. Best of luck to you and Luna.
Snickers was an 18 year old Skye terrier mix. - Diagnosed 12-1-15. Angel status 4-21-19. She was a once in a lifetime dog that will always be in my heart.

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