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Default Re: Introducing Luna

I am so sorry to hear about Luna..I am actually going through a similar situation with Mochi except it's just with his front left leg. He hasn't used it in a month and the neurologist and specialist think it might be a mild slipped disc that's pushing on the nerve.
They suggested that he takes gabapentin again with the NSAID, and then amantadine on top of that to help with his stomach.

He has been on tramadol and it made no difference and I was told tramadol is a real hit or miss. It sucks seeing our babies like that out of nowhere..Did a neurologist specialist see Luna? I think the only way to tell exactly what is wrong with Lunas lameness is by getting an mri or ct scan. is Luna not able to get scans done because of her liver?
I'm trying out acupuncture right now for mochi..doesn't seem to make much of a difference..but I've heard lots of good things about acupuncture. Maybe you can try that for Luna?
Mochi is a 10 year old Pomeranian. Weighing 11.6lbs
Diagnosed with diabetes February 2016
Had cataract surgery June 2016.
On 4.5 units of HumilinN
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