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Default Re: Mini Schnauzer Gretel - Injection problems brewing!

Hi All,

I need help with calculating the correct amount of dogfood to feed Gretel now that she will be eating just the dry rather than canned & dry mixed. The vet has figured it for me, but being the control freak I am, I had to also calculate it myself, and I'm not coming up with the same amount she has.

The point is that Gretel needs to be consuming basically the same amount of total calories per meal that she was before the change.

It's very possible that I'm totally misunderstanding something here, but I checked on the can and bag of w/d and this is how the calories are written:

Canned - 329 kcal/can (I'm assuming that means 329 calories per can, but maybe it doesn't? What does the "k" mean?)

Dry - 243.3 kcal/per cup (Again I'm assuming that it's 243.3 calories per cup.)

Gretel has been getting 1/2 can plus 2/3 cup of dry w/d at each meal.

The vet told me to now give her 1-1/8 cup of dry each meal. When I figure it out, I come up with 1-1/3 cups per meal.

Can anyone out there figure this out and let me know what you come up with? If everyone agrees with me I'll call the vet and let her know she's made an error. But until I know for sure, I don't want to feed her only 1-1/8 cups if it isn't enough to balance the insulin dosage.

Thank you so much!

Carolyn & Gretel - 12 yr. old mini-schnauzer - diag. Jan 2010 - lost her courageous battle with multiple issues on Feb. 17, 2014. So sadly missed by her family.
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