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Originally Posted by Rylie's mom View Post
Hello! I just read your post and know how you feel. My girl Rylie was dx 1/31/15 and it broke my heart. I was so worried and afraid like you. Between the vets at the ER, and our family vet, we kept getting told different ways to take care of Rylie. I was beyond confused.
I STUMBLED onto this forum and the wonderful Angels who care so much about our dogs and us! I very much understand that my girl does need me more than anyone to keep her feeling healthy, and the folks here are Rylie's life line!
Read, ask, and try what works here, because they have done it all, everyday, some for many years.
Three rules I stick to- feed 12 hours apart the same amount at the same times.
Give shots while eating or just as they finish.
Monitor BG with blood, not urine.
There is one more, Relax you will get this!!! They tell me that all the time. Lol. A month ago I wouldnt have thought giving Rylie her shot and testing her blood would ever feel normal. Tonight as I was making our dinner, I realized I also had Rylie's dinner ready with her shot ready to go! I thought to myself, wow, it's become just
Normal thing to do.
It's going to get better, promise!
I hope I get over my fear and and have the confidence to help my Rusty with this the best way that I possibly can. Confidence in myself being able to do this is what I need.
Thank you for the support. I find myself watching his every move and can not seem to relax and this is not helping him or me.
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