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Default Re: Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

With the new insulin, you might want to spot check around nadir time, to be sure she's not dropping lower than before.

I've used the scruff almost entirely and haven't had a problem. I occassionally inject behind the front shoulder, 3 or 4 inches down from the spine.
Absorption is generally OK in many areas, as long as you can pull skin up a bit. Using the same area can slowly cause scarring inside and may affect absorption, but I believe it takes a long time.

I've been injecting myself in the same areas for 30 years, and my insulin still works fine.
Riley, 8 yr. old maltipoo, 25 lbs., diagnosed Feb 2017, taking thyroid meds, had pancreatitis and DKA mid March, eating Wellness Senior formula can food. NPH dosage now at 9.0 units Humulin N. Adding either pumpkin, spinach, blueberries, yams, or green beans to his food. Also omega-3 oil.
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