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Default Re: New to all this.

You might use the meter anyway, without the control solution. I have usually found that new meters are within correct range.
I'm diabetic and have had numerous new meters.
Also, take the meter with you to the vet and test with it there to see if it gives a similar reading to the vet's meter.
Not testing until Tuesday is probably safe as 2 units is a low dose for a 15 lb. dog.
Riley, 8 yr. old maltipoo, 25 lbs., diagnosed Feb 2017, taking thyroid meds, had pancreatitis and DKA mid March, eating Wellness Senior formula can food. NPH dosage now at 9.0 units Humulin N. Adding either pumpkin, spinach, blueberries, yams, or green beans to his food. Also omega-3 oil.
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