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Default Sweet Dutch has passed December 6, 2015

Hello this is my first post. My dog is Dutch and he is a Rottweiler. He is 8 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes in October 2011. He weighs about 115lbs right now and is on 30 units of insulin every morning and everynight at 7.
After his 7th birthday he didnít have the energy he used to and slowly got more depressed during the day hiding away in his favorite sleeping spot. Eventually he started getting really worn out fairly quickly when we would go outside to run and play, his appetite wasnít the greatest sometimes he would even walk away from his food, and was getting a pot belly. He really started to show his old age and even started growing grey chin hairs and always had to go out in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He spent I would say about 80 percent of his time sleeping during that period. He had so little energy that when we would walk around the room he would not move his head and only move his eyes which had become a characteristic of him. I have had many rotties in the past and they all only lived to be about 8 or 9 years old before they went down fast from problems.
Dutch went to his vet appointment in October 2011 and looked good/got all his shots but I still felt something was very wrong with him. About 2 weeks after that he started getting really sick and never would get out of his bed except for food/snacks/bathroom or if he had the energy to get up and say hi when someone got home, but during that 2 weeks he didnít even want to get out of bed for that, I would walk in the room and he would open his eyes and wag his tail fast. He would stare me at me for hours when he was awake. He started losing his appetite, vomiting, drinking a lot of water and urinating very frequently. He also was losing all his muscle mass on his body. He urinated in the house one night which he never does (normally he will jump on my bed and wimper in my face until I wake up) and he had to go so frequently that I started to keep him outside with his blanket. (We have a large porch gates.) He would lay in his dog house all night awake and his staring me in the eyes non-stop was worrying me. His legs began trembling all the time and one day they were like spaghetti noodles when I was walking him. When I was walking him he had a grand mal seizure that lasted probably 3-5 minutes of him kicking and when he came to he was very out of it, couldnít walk, and his tounge was hanging out the side of mouth for another 10 minutes or so. I had to hold him still because he kept trying to take off running but wouldnít of been able to. Im always home, have a small house and the dogs are always with me so this was the first time that that had happened to that extreme.
We took him to the emergency vet to see what the outcome was and his blood sugar was somewhere above 550 mg and his keytones were really high. They gave him fluids and we took him home for the night and started treating him the next morning. Everything was great after several vet trips, his health was coming back, and we go for long walks every couple days for exercise trying to gain back muscle which hasnít really actually been working but he still loves it. He is just getting a fat belly. He also has a full grey chin now since his 7th birthday. Sometimes he has to go to the bathroom really bad in the morning, and sometimes he dosenít. His urine is always clear in the morning and after his shot sometimes it gets a lot darker. His nose drips when he sleeps. He eats about 2 cups every morning and afternoon at 6:30 and gets his shot at 7:00.

Everyonce in a while he dosen't look so good but then is ok after a couple days. He started acting weird again the other day and staring me in the eyes for long periods of time. He started having to go to the bathroom really bad in the mornings/still drinking a lot of water and sleeping. In the afternoon he was really worn out looking. So I only take him for long walks when he looks ok. But about a week ago he didnít look good one day and started acting weird, about 1 oíclock at night he woke me up making a racket dragging his legs, running into things, and falling down making a loud slam. My other rottie was running around also so I didnít know what was going on. I got up and Dutch was standing in the kitchen and he turned and looked at me but when he went to walk towards me he stumbled and his back legs were kicking and trembling. I held him still for a minute and he would quickly dart his head like he seen something and watch. After he seemed fine I took him outside but he didnít have to go that much, and he kept darting his head and listening like he was seeing things. Then he started locking up, shaking, and couldnít walk right. So I rubbed his side for a few minutes and talked to him but he couldnít walk and it took a really long time to get him back inside and after he layed down for a little while he was ok. We Took him back the next day to the vet, they wanted to do a Fructosimine test and full blood work, but we just had the fructosimine test done and will get the bloodwork done probably this weekend. They said his Fructosimine test was good. I think it was around 400-450. So for a couple days at around 1 oíclock in the afternoon and at night he was having this problem, thatís halfway in-between insulin shots. So I started giving him a small snack at this time just incase his blood sugar was falling to low. He also was acting like he was starving and was acting strange and searching for food outside which he dosent really do even after meals. I FINALLY got a glucose meter for him on monday, itís a one touch UltraMini. This week I am monitoring his curves for the first time and when we go to the vet this weekend I will bring it with us and talk to them about it to see whats up and how accurate it is.

I have been testing him right before his meal and then every couple hours after that until right before his next meal and itís also pretty much right on with his nap schedule he has going on. Last night his blood sugar was at 212mg right before he ate so I fed him a full bowl of dog food which is 4-cups so that his sugar wouldnít drop to low at 1 oclock at night again. I tested him again at about 10:30 and it was at 269mg. I decided not to stay up the rest of the night and monitor him and he seemed to feel well.

This morning right before he ate his blood sugar was at 401mg. At about 1 today it dropped down to 114mg and at 3 it was down to 104 mg and I noticed at about that time he seemed fine but a little droopy. I just tested him before dinner and his blood sugar was back up to 354mg and I fed him around 2 cups of food. Im not sure though about his curve, it seems really big. Im going to keep monitoring him the rest of the night and I have a chart on the computer for it. Im just not sure what to do though if his fructosimine tests are stable?
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