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Default Re: Diabetic Rottweiler/Meter & Curves

Hi Timothy and welcome to you and Dutch!
I'm so very glad you have a glucometer and are monitoring Dutch's levels! Congrats on home testing.

It sounds like Dutch may be having some hypoglycemia spells. If he does get too low, you can give a small amount of honey, karo or pancake syrup to bring his blood sugar up quickly. If he's not able to lick it, you can rub it on his gums.

I do have a few questions if you don't mind...
- What type of food is Dutch eating? And how much does he normally get to maintain his weight?
- What type of insulin is he on? If it's Humulin NPH, you can get this at Walmart for around $25, just FYI.
- Did the vet work up to the 30 units twice a day or was he started on that amount?
- Has he ever had a blood glucose curve done before (where blood sugar is tested just before food/insulin then every 2 hours after)?

Again, welcome to you! Anxious to hear more about your dog.
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