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Default Re: Diabetic Rottweiler/Meter & Curves

welcome to you two.

has your vet ever ran any curves when the bg is tested every 2 hours from morning fasting for the next 12 hours or more? that's really the only accurate way you can raise a dose. you need to base your dose on the lowest number and adjust from there. high blood sugar can be tolerated by dogs better than humans but, low blood sugar can kill. a fructosamine test only gives an average of what the bg has been over an extended amount of time. as others here and my vet has said, you really shoulddn't adjust dosing with fructosamine tests alone. dutch could very well have been jumping higher after rebounding from the low numbers or even those large drops you just witnessed. it is called somogyi, i couldn't post the link but the info is on this site.

you can run curves at home and show them to your vet.

good luck!
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