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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Hi Tammy,

The optimal time for a stim with Lyso is 36-48 hours after the last dose. Based on your description of her behavior, you might not want to give the dose tonite but the experts will be along to tell you for sure. If you get home at lunch and she has had diarrhea or vomited or seems lethargic, then I know you don't want to dose her again tonite.

I think I would keep the appt. tomorrow for the stim. If she is loaded, then you are ready for maintenance soon; if she is not loaded, then you simply resume loading til she is. So you won't lose any ground by testing tomorrow.

Yellow pee!! That is always good to see in a cush pup! It's amazing what cush moms and dads get excited about! Yellow pee, solid poops, whoopie!

Keep up the good work!
Leslie and the girls