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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Hi Tammy,

Can't wait to hear the results!

Yes, Mitotane is the generic of Lysodren. You may also see o,pí-DDD in reference to Lyso.

Few, if any, vets have the capacity to do the testing in their offices so every lab work I know of is sent out to labs who do the testing. This is all they do, testing of one kind or the other, they do not see patients. My vets office is now able to run a much broader chem panel than they did a year ago but they still have to send most of their samples out for testing. This way, they can make us play the WAITING game, one we all hate with a passion! But we have all managed to survive and I know you will, too!

I am waiting with you!
Leslie and the girls