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Default Poll: How and Where You Test Your Dog's Blood Sugar

I think a thread on lances, lancing devices used and setting, meters used, and where tested would be good.

Just keep in mind that it won't tell you what will work for Penny. What works varies significantly from one dog to another.

There are some general things that can be said, such as thicker lancets usually work better and certain meters have established a reputation as working well generally.

I would ask people to simply report their experiences for what works for them rather than "recommending" anything in particular.

I try to keep Sticky threads to a minimum only because it pushes active threads about specific dogs so far down the list. But I think the testing thread could be useful.

So, all, if you'd like, go ahead and respond to this thread to describe what you use and how you test blood sugar with your dog.

Maybe start with just the facts in a simple list so it's easy to scan:

Where you test on your dog
Lances used (brand, gauge)
Whether you use a lancing device
Lancing device brand, model
Setting of the lancing device
Meter you use

Some things are interdependent. For example, lancing devices don't always work when testing thicker skin like the back at the base of the tail. And different spots on the body would likely require different settings on a lancing device.

Please take time especially to report the gauge of your lances and brand and the lancing device brand.


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