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Default Re: Flea Preventitive & Diabetes

I was just reading the post about heartworm and frontline. I wondered if this was a problem with Baby and could it made her reading so low yeaterday I gave her the heart worm pill on Sunday and Monday is when she went down too 60. I asked the vet before about giving it to her and she said it would be no problem and hasn't had any with any dog in their clinic. Now I need to give her the Frontline next month because we are back up to a cattle farm huge land behind our house and we have wooded area too. We get ticks and fleas real bad here and she needs it because of being in the back yard. Boy, another worry. If anyone has had any side effects from frontline with a diabetic dog please let me know. I will talk with the vet again about this and the heartworm if this could have done something to make it go so low yesterday. Thanks, Ida