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Default Re: Calibrating Meters?


If you get a reading that's outside of the "range" with the AlphaTrak, the meter will not give an accurate reading. The process is the same for another Abbott meter, the FreeStyle Lite, which I picked at random from Abbott's line of human bg meters:

Pages 12-13--Performing a Control Test

"FreeStyle Control Solution is a red liquid which contains a fixed amount of glucose that is used to:

"Practice testing without having to use your own blood.

"Ensure that your meter and test strips are working together properly.

"Control solution test results should fall within the range printed on the test strip vial.

"Important: The control solution range is a target range for control solution only. It is not a target range for your blood glucose level.

"If control solution test results are out of this range, repeat the test.

"If your control solution test results continue to fall outside of the range printed on the test strip vial, do not use the FreeStyle Lite System to test your blood glucose. Contact Customer Care.

"Caution: Results from FreeStyle Control Solution tests do not reflect your blood glucose level."

So when you do a test of the meter with the control solution, there is X amount of glucose in that solution the meter is meant to be able to pick up and measure. If the test results on that given amount of glucose in the solution are not in the range you see on the testing strips vial, that means that the accuracy of the meter is off to the point where you won't get a true reading when using it for bg's.

The meter should be accurate as long as it falls within range of what the test strip vial says. All of them are going to be less accurate than the expensive lab equipment, but as long as the control solution reading you get is in the range your test strip vial gives, you should be getting proper readings from the meter.

Does this help any?