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Default Re: Mickey Has diabetes possible Cushings too

Hi --
certain days giving shots are better than others

I think you are doing fine by
1) rotating the areas.
We 2) turn Apollo to the right (for the AM shot)and left (for the PM shot)
My DH finds giving a shot one side easier than the other - not sure why.

Tonight when I did the shot Apollo cried out!! -- I have only had that happen a few times in over a year -- I don't know why.... I guess we hit a nerve.

3) I massage his neck first.

4) I give a treat after --
5) and lots of love and hugs....
6) maybe alternate the type of treats.
7) Aahh we also try to get everyone that may be around to stand still, and try for no noise. Atlas, our Maltese, has learned to sit quietly.... when Apollo has the shot over he jumps up as if to say 'Yippy!' now a treat!

All in all -- it has to be done --- 8) I have to remember to relax

good luck Debbie and Apollo
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