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Default Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Hello to all,

I have never done this before so bear with me. My name is Tammy and my almost 14 year old 9 pound mini dachshund Kallie will be starting treatment on Saturday. (My vet likes to start on Saturdays so it gives an extra day during the week in case it takes a little longer to load.) She has the pituitary tumor. I dont have any of the test results because I did all that before I found this site and didnt think to ask for it. She first had a ACTH Low Dose test, then the ACTH Endogenous test. I guess her tests came out kind of odd so he consulted with the lab to diagnose her. I might be able to get a copy when I pick up her meds. I learned sooooo much from all of you, he seemed surprised that he didnt have to explaiin it all to me. He is even having me just pick up the medicine without a visit, he must have confidence that I know what I am doing. This is making me nervous because he is giving me lysodren (or mitotane) in a gel or liquid form? I haven't picked it up yet, so I don't know the dosing yet. The vet assistant who called me thought it was 1ml. I haven't heard anyone mention this on the forum and wondering if anyone has used this before. I was all studied up on the tablets and then this thru me for a loop.

I did print out the Lysodren loading instructions so I feel fairly comfortable with what to watch for.

Thanks so much,

Tammy and Kallie