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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Hi! I'm a lysodren mom and my Haley has been on it for almost 3 yrs now. I've never used the gel/liquid version so I can't help you with that. Glad you have the loading instructions book.

I recommend you start monitoring the water intake now so you can track to see if it is reduced. I also watched my dog eat so I could look for changes. I also logged it daily along with any comments throughout the loading process so I could accurately recall things.

Can you share with us your dogs' weight and the daily dosing amount that is being prescribed? I sure wish you had the test results. Did they do the acth test? That is your baseline/starting point as you work your way to a goal of 1 to 5.

Keep us posted! Good luck - you will be just fine.