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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Hi, I wanted to welcome you as well. Sounds like you did your homework, a couple things I want to mention is first the loading instructions are excellent but what I do want to reinterate is that anything that makes you go "ummmm" and think thats odd could be the sign of loading, it can be very subtle, just a hesitation while eating instead of just going head down butt up and eating, a pause, not grabbing a treat out of your hand but sniffing it first things like that, my dog left a few kibble for her boyfriend and didnt wake me up that night to go out to pee.
As well when you go to pick up the meds, if it not written on the bottle be sure to ask what the concentration is how much lysodren in the 1 cc of liquid. it will not be pure lysodren it will be for example 15 mg in 1 cc we need to know the mg of lysodren as well as the ccs you are giving and the wt of your dog. As well be sure the vet gives you prednisone in case of inadvertant overload you want to have some on hand just in case, you know the old saying if you have it you will not need it.
Good luck and please do post the results when you get them