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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Thank you for the welcome and words of encouragement.

MJ - Thanks for saying hi and so sorry to hear about Rusty.

Kim - I have 2 other (medium sized dogs) and they all drink out of the same 2water bowls!! I do usually pay attention to how much Kallie is drinking anyway so I will probably be able to tell if she goes to the bowl less or spends less time actually drinking. Sometimes she drinks what seems like a full minute! She gets up every night around midnight for a drink too. The vet is having me give Kallie melatonin, to help her sleep and maybe help grow some hair back? Does anyone know if that is okay to give her? So far I haven't read anything bad about it.

Glynda - I will get the test results this afternoon - I will be picking up the medicine and speaking to the vet. Hopefully I will understand the numbers to be able to post them correctly.

Sharon - Kallie has always coked her food down as fast as she can so hopefully that will be the first thing I notice is her hesitation. She acts like there are 10 dogs behind her trying to get her food!! I even divide her food up (during each meal) and don't give it to her all at once because she cokes on it otherwise. Since the drinking will be harder to monitor I'm hoping the food will be my indicator.

Thank you all so much - I'll post the results as soon as I can and probably compare with other results posted here so I can learn what all the numbers mean.