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Default Re: Vetsulin - FDA Warning - Schering Plough

FYI: I consider this protocol flawed as it lumped cats and dogs together and asked that they all be essentially started over at a very small dose.

Richard Nelson in the Web Seminar listed later in this thread provided very different advice. He suggested cutting the dose "A few units" for dogs changing from Vetsulin to NPH because the actions of the two insulins in dogs are typically so similar.

We have been recommending cutting the dose about 20-25% and after seeing a dozen dogs go through the transition, 10-15% percent might be okay.


AAHA Recommended Protocol for Transitioning Dogs Off of Vetsulin

Dr. Richard Nelson of the University of California at Davis, and Drs. Deb Zoran and Audrey Cook of Texas A&M University, expert veterinary members of the AAHA Diabetes Guidelines Task Force, have developed and approved the following recommendations on how to transition your diabetic patients:

For dogs, use the human recombinant NPH insulin at an initial dosage of 0.25 IU/kg twice daily, and adjust insulin based on clinical response and glucose measurements. You will be starting over with diabetic regulation when you switch to a new insulin product.
In addition to transitioning from Vetsulin, veterinarians need to be vigilant about using the appropriate syringe for the new insulin for each pet. This is necessary to ensure that patients receive the proper dosage of the new insulin product.

We hope that these recommendations will be useful for you when considering how to approach this situation with your diabetic patients. We encourage you to report any adverse event with the Vetsulin product to Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health’s technical services department at 800/224-5318.The American Animal Hospital Association will post updated information about the alert to as it becomes available.
Thank you Sophia Yin for the heads-up on this protocol announcement.