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Default Re: Vetsulin - FDA Warning - AAHA Protocol to Switch to NPH

I would hold onto any Vetsulin you have until your dog has successfully switched to NPH and you find that it's working well. If it isn't working well, you will be glad you have the Vetsulin vials.

We went through the discontinuation of Humulin L about four years ago. There were a handful of dogs who could stay well regulated only if if they stayed on Humulin L and those folks stockpiled as much Humulin L as they could get their hands on - scoured every local pharmacy and shared what they had with others in the same boat. I know some of those dogs managed to accumulate enough Humulin L to last a couple of years.

I don't know how much supply is out floating around of Vetsulin. Humulin L was still being used by people so it had a larger market. But I'd say it's worth holding onto any that you do have at least until you find out whether NPH is a good match for your dog.