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Default Re: Vetsulin - FDA Warning - AAHA Protocol for Change to NPH

Thank you Eileen for bringing the newest Intervet letter regarding supplies of Vetsulin to our attention!

January 8, 2010

Re: Transition Assistance Via Independent Phone Consultation

Dear Doctor:

We appreciate all your efforts in transitioning your diabetic patients currently on Vetsulin® (porcine insulin zinc suspension) to other insulin products. As discussed in our letter dated November 30, 2009, it is imperative that you transition all of your diabetic patients off of Vetsulin as future supplies of Vetsulin will be very limited in early 2010, and then exhausted.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health has worked with expert members of the AAHA Diabetes Guidelines Task Force and provided information on transitioning dogs and cats from Vetsulin to other insulin products (see links to these documents below). However, we have received calls from some concerned veterinarians who are still encountering difficulties despite having followed these recommendations. Therefore, we would like to offer assistance to two specific categories:
  1. Where there are still difficulties in re-regulating patients on other insulin products;
  2. Where a veterinarian had initially prescribed Vetsulin because other insulin products had been ineffective in regulating their patient.
In order to assist with these specific patient categories, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health has contracted with Thomas K.Graves, DVM, PhD, DACVIM and his staff at the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, to provide independent telephone consultations on these difficult cases.

Please note that Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health is making this service available as a patient courtesy. Dr. Graves will be acting as an independent consulting veterinarian, and Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health does not guarantee or warrant that the consultation will lead to a successful resolution of these cases. Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health will not bear any responsibility for the outcomes of these cases.

If you have a patient that falls into either of the two categories mentioned above, please contact Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health technical services at 1-800-224-5318 to discuss if the case qualifies for a telephone consultation with either Dr. Graves or one of his board certified internists.

The costs associated with the telephone consultations organized by our technical services veterinarians will be covered by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health. Any cost incurred as a result of the consultation, including, but not limited to, additional veterinary fees, recommended additional diagnostic tests or additional medications, will not be covered by this program.

Thank you for your cooperation and efforts to transition diabetic patients off of Vetsulin and onto other insulin products.


Christopher Pappas, Jr., DVM
Director, Companion Animal Technical Services
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health