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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

Originally Posted by MomofGus View Post
That's the cheapest I've found. I'm still using AlphaTrak off and on. Here lately. I'm having hard time making the switch 100% to the Advocate. It's just me because the readings are pretty close, but since my dog had very, very high readings last week (not even registering at times), I've chosen to keep using Alpha for the time being until we are getting better numbers.
Funny that you don't totally trust the PetTest. Neither do / did I!

It's not that I have had any numbers that varied greatly from the AlphaTrak, all comparisons between the two meters I've done were pretty close. The "concern" was that I had a two week run with the PetTest where ALL readings were in the 90-210 range. What's the chance of that happening? Yep, I finally opened a fresh container of AlphaTrak strips to compare readings, and the two were within a few points. I finally got a 300+ on the PetTest (over fed, she was happy getting a sausage patty as a treat) and proved that the meter would actually display numbers over 300

So, I guess I'm happy with the PetTest, but still need to use up the $$$ AlphaTrak strips sometime.

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