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Default Re: Mackenzie's Odyssey

I do not recommend the iPet meter either - have seen a number of people get very poor results with it. Inconsistent and unreliable readings.

If you want to go with a pet-adjusted meter, AlphaTrak is good - expensive, but good.

We had an AlphaTrak for years but only used it occasionally to compare with our OneTouch Ultra, which we used every day for four years.

The cost over the long-term is the strips, not the meter. Plus I really like the strips for the OneTouch that have a window that shows whether the tube filled completely with blood. Another good feature is that it will tend to error out when there is problem rather than giving you a bad reading.

We bought our strips online - not even eBay but an online pharmacy that specialized in diabetes supplies - and they were much cheaper than buying them locally.

Exercise can have a huge affect on blood sugar. With Mackenzie's lifestyle, she may need snacks throughout the day to maintain her blood sugar when it's in a good range.

I know of a diabetic dog or two that were hunting/hiking partners - half a dozen times or more her person had to hike her out because her blood sugar went so low. It is a challenge with a very active dog, and I would probably opt for somewhat looser regulation as a result since hypoglycemia can be fatal.

You will have to stock the carriage with syrup. We used to keep a bottle of pancake syrup in the car and some small packets of syrup or gel frosting in the dog walking bag because even our slow moving dog tended to go low on walks.

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