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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

JayCapz, I'm sorry you didn't get better readings for comparison.

Here is summary of the readings I've taken so far yesterday & today. As a note, I will continue to use AlphaTrak intermittently because I believe it to be more accurate, but the results I've gotten for my dog is close enough for me to warrant use since I test 3 times a day. My Gus is still running pretty high and numbers are all over and that's why I test as frequently as I do.

443 AT / 429 AD Diff = 15
458 AT / 412 AD Diff = 46
288 AT/ 283 AD Diff = 5
372 AT / 334 AD Diff =38
268 AT / 306 AD (first time Alphatrak was lower) Diff =38

I don't think any meter comparison is going to be the same. For me, this is pretty close since my dog runs typically high that I can still be on top of what's going on with him. For my dog, I think the Advocate used less blood - it's definitely easier to get it on the strip than the Alphatrak. But, I agree with you, it's about the accuracy.
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