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Thumbs down Re: Wysong Recalls Some Dry Dog Food-Mold

Update on the recall. The recall notice is still not at FDA and still not prominently displayed on the Wysong website. The original notice has been updated, but what has been added omits some VERY pertinent information in favor of PR-type statements from the company:

You need to go here, to Consumer Affairs, to learn what type of mold is in the food:

Consumer Affairs-October 15, 2009

Wysong Pet Food Pulls Products Due to Mold

"Wysong Pet Food confirmed its recall of five batches of Canine Diets Maintenance and Senior dry dog food -- manufactured in June and July 2009 -- because the products contain mold.

""Penicillium and fusarium mold species have been identified," Lucas Wysong, the company's vice-president, told "All mycotoxin tests conducted thus far are negative with regard to the recalled products.""