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Default Re: Mini Schnauzer Gretel - Injection problems brewing!

Thanks to all who responded. Eileen, your comment about the misinformation you've gotten from pharmacists really hit me. It's scary and very worrisome that there are pharmacists out there who are dispensing incorrect information. There are people (and animals) who are really depending on them to get it right, literally lives depend on it. Until Gretel was diagnosed, I just always assumed the pharmacists knew what they were talking about (you know - right up there with doctors - ha!). Now I know differently and it really scares me. Guess we can never afford to let our guard down, can we?

As I was typing this, I remembered that my husband has a customer who is a pharmacist in another town close by, and I've known him myself since school days (long long time ago ) I'm going to call him with my insulin question too.

Oh Eileen, in case I may have given the impression that I would go back and forth between the 2 insulins, no, I would never do that. I was just hoping that I would be able to make the switch to the Relion brand and stay there.

Carolyn & Gretel - 12 yr. old mini-schnauzer - diag. Jan 2010 - lost her courageous battle with multiple issues on Feb. 17, 2014. So sadly missed by her family.
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