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Default Freestyle Strips in AlphaTrak Meter

Originally Posted by janspack View Post
Does this mean that you can use the Freestyle Lite strips in the Alphatrak? I was trying to find the original post to find out but just can't seem to find where it was.
Jan, I have not seen any difference between the AlphaTrak strips and the Freestyle Lite strips except in price! At higher levels (>350) there is some discrepancy (<50pts) but even two back to back tests with the same meter will not be the same every time. I do 2 checks with every new box of FreeStyle strips just to make sure they still match, and they always have. Just make sure your AlphaTrak meter is coded to "7" for dog (from the AlphaTrak box), but that never changes. I also have an Accuchek Aviva, which I like. It runs about 35% lower than the AlphaTrak, but it does have good precision.


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