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Default Kallie's test results - foreign language to me!

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Does anyone that knows what these test results mean think they look out of the ordinary to you?? My vet seemed to have a hard time figuring them out. He did consult with the lab to come up with the conclusion. I don't know what the range should be. I would look up old posts from the old site to compare but they aren't there!

Tests done were:

4 hr cort 12.0
8 hr cort 7.5
baseline 2.3
(Vet said results seemed kind of odd to him) He had them run them twice and same result. (3/16/09)

Endogenous ACTH 11.1
(Vet called the endocrinologist because he was kind of stumped)
They said "significant magnitude to indicate pituitary-based disease when hyperadrenocorticism has been confirmed." Univ of Michigan

I am just hoping they are in the ranges of a dog with Pituitary Cushings, since she starts treatment tomorrow.



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