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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Glynda - I just gave her the first dose of (beef flavored gel) this morning and she loved it! lol. Thanks for letting me know your Jojo liked it. I slept good last night - if you hadn't told me I probably would have been awake all night worrying about this morning, wondering if I could get her to take it. Hopefully by this time next week she will be all done loading and I'll be moved on to the next phase.

Thank you everyone. I was leaning towards not treating Kallie when I first found out she had Cushings, because I thought the treatment sounded too harsh. I only knew it was a really strong medicine and didn't want to put her thru that at her age (almost 14). But after reading all your experiences and information. it's not so scary to me anymore.