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Default Do you give your dog probiotics?

Mochi went to the vet after a day of having non stop diarrhea and throwing up 2 times.

Luckily the vet said it's not pancreatitis and it's most likely he has some kind of bacterial virus or bug from eating the cat poo. He prescribed him with some antibiotics called metronidazole and has to take it for 7 days. His poo is finally back to normal today. But im a little concerned with the antibiotics killing all his good bacteria and will cause his immune system to be weaker.

I'm thinking about getting some probiotic supplements for him to take while hes on antibiotics. Do any of you give your dogs probiotics and is it safe for dogs with diabetes to take?
Mochi is a 10 year old Pomeranian. Weighing 11.6lbs
Diagnosed with diabetes February 2016
Had cataract surgery June 2016.
On 4.5 units of HumilinN
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