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Default Re: Do you give your dog probiotics?

I have given jesse probiotics before . It did not have a negative impact on her . I guess it could affect digestion maybe speeding it up . Not sure if you would want to give it while taking antibiotics and may want to wait till after done using it because i dont know how much good would come from it because the antibiotic is still working against the bacteria

Jesse had some digestive issues with soft pooh earlier in the summer and i started giving her milk thistle . It cleared up and decided just to continue to give it to her as she is an older gal and i think its ok to give as she seems to be doing well Glad mochi is doing better
Jesse-26 lbs - 15.5 years old - 10 years diabetic - one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack - 3 shots of Novolin a day sometimes Novolog or r as a correction to higher sugar but that is rare. total insulin for a 24 hour period is between 8 and 10 units of NPH insulin depending on her fasting number
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