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Default Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis

We ran into a major road block this week. On Sunday, Annie was as spunky and more playful then we’ve seen her in years. Then, Monday she started vomiting bile so we got her to our vet ASAP. He ultrasounded her and found that her gallbladder was twice the size of a normal one. She also had pancreatitis so they kept her, stabilized her and we drove her to a vet specialty clinic in Chicago. The surgeon removed her gallbladder and filled with a mucocele today, and so far, she is holding her own.

Everything is now up in the air regarding her cataract surgery. I’m almost positive we are going to have to postpone it again.

Thanks for your information from your ophthalmologist—pretty much the same and I started using all the drops and salves to keep her eyes in the best shape possible. I just hope we will be able to keep her blood glucose stabilized once she is released from the hospital. This has just been a nightmare! Blessings to you all and your pups. Karen
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