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Default Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis

Hi, Just a quick update on Annie. We visited her at the specialty clinic in Chicago this morning. We expected to be taken back to the ICU to see her but low and behold, they led us into an exam room and shortly after, in waddles Annie on all fours lugging her heart monitor and still sporting the feeding tube. We just cried for joy!

She is starting to eat baby food and a few small bites of chicken. They are going to let her eat anything she wants and regulate her insulin as needed. I’m sure I ‘ll be given a boatload of instructions regarding her diabetes and insulin regulation when she is released.

This is a very specialized surgery because the liver can also be involved. Our surgeon has preformed hundreds of these surgeries with an 85% success rate. Cushings can cause these mucoceles to form inside the gallbladder. The fact that she had sudden onset pancreatitis didn’t help.

We also met with an internist assigned to her case, not only for the diabetes but because she has cushings. She will need to be on a very low fat diet once she is home. The doc said she eventually wanted her back on the Glycobalance which I was glad to hear.

Annie may be well enough to come home on Sunday or Monday. She has had no complications so far but I think we got her there in time and were very lucky. So far, she is our little miracle with all the strikes against her. Blessings to you all and your pups. Karen

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