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Default Re: Kwiggles' Joe is starting lysodren

Hello again all!

Yes, this is Joe Cocker I'm talking about- I had a very lengthy (only slightly shorter than War & Peace) post on the Cushings website with all the details of his diagnosis and treatment plan. Let's see if I can summarize it:

Joe has been showing Cushings symptoms for several months, starting with frequent urination (large volumes), excessive water drinking & hair thinning/loss.

On 12/30/08 he had ACTH stimulation test, results were:
pre 8.4 ug/dL
post 34.9 ug/dL

To diifferentiate PDH from adrenal, on 1/06/09 he had high dose Dexamethasone test, results were:

pre 8.7 ug/dL
4 hr post 4.4 ug/dL
8 hr post 6.8 ug/dL

This was a bit borderline so my vet suspected possible adrenal tumor. He did chest & abdominal x-ray and saw no neoplasia so we proceeded to endogenous ACTH test on 2/16/09. Results were: 48.5 pg/mL

I took Joe to Cornell Animal Hospital on 3/27/09 for abdominal ultrasound with hopes to get a good look at his adrenals. The ultrasonographer was able to visualize clearly the left adrenal and said it was 'slightly enlarged' but no tumor present. The right adrenal was obscured by a loop of bowel so could not be measured or fully visualized but the portion she could see 'appeared to be mineralized', suggesting a tumor.

My vet and I decided to proceed with Lysodren therapy to give Joe some relief from his symptoms with plans to continue in future to attempt to visualize the adrenals, by re-check ultrasound or maybe CAT scan or MRI.

For the Lysodren loading: Joe is 30 lbs and my vet had me give him 500 mg per day (divided into 2 doses per day: 250 AM and 250 PM), starting on Sunday 4/12. I think this dose is slightly on the low side of the range. (?)

For the 2 days prior to starting loading, I measured his water intake and it was 3000 mL on Friday and 2900 mL Saturday. Since starting loading, he drank 3200 mL on Sunday and 2600 yesterday (Monday).

His appetite has remained voracious, he just Hoovers up his meal without hesitation.

So far, so good- he seems to be feeling okay and tolerating the treatment well and I am keeping an eagle eye on him so I won't miss 'the sign'.

If I've left out anything, just ask and I'll see if I can find it (My 'Joe' folder is bulging with paperwork...).

Thanks again everybody for your good wishes and support.

Karen & Joe