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Default Re: Harley's visit to the Univ. of Penn.

Hi Lori,

So you have a complicated diagnosis going on and you may or may not have an adrenal tumor.

Concerning the melatonin implant, Stephanie (corgipalliesmom) still does it, I do not.

As has been mentioned there is no concensus concerning the effective life of the implant, and the needle is large and can cause bleeding and scabbing.

I like the oral. It is cheap, you see it go down, and in our case combined with the lignans and other support (purified lignans, lecithen, milk thistle) it is effective.

I have not studied your entire thread and so some of these comments might not apply to your case.

I can't see a downside to trying the oral melatonin first.

As has been mentioned the most commonly prescribed dose we see is 3mg twice daily and you do not use the timed release product.

Best to you and Harley.