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Default Re: Harley's visit to the Univ. of Penn.

Hi To All,

I sent DR. Oliver a e-mail concerning Harley and his diagnosis and treatment, I would like to share it with you all and get your opinions/advice/whatever

The cortisol levels are fairly normal, although baseline is slightly
high. So, this would be called Atypical Cushing's syndrome (cortisol
essentially normal, but sex hormones are increased).
>>>The Estradiol levels are very elevated and probably causing rhe most
problems. Other intermediate hormone levels are also increased at
baseline. by DR. Oliver of Harley's Full Adrenal Panel.
But does Harley have pituitary cushings as well as Atypical? So will I
be treating Harley with something more powerful later? (Pituitary
cushings noted below by his endogenous test)

The hormone levels above support what is called Atypical Cushing's, and
it is due to a pituitary-dependent condition based on the endogenous ACTH
test result. Atypical Cushing's can be caused by eithe pituitary-dependent
disease or adrenal-dependent disease; in this case, pituitary-dependent. answer by Dr. Oliver

I'm sorry for all the questions, and I hope you can answer them for
me. Should I be running more test? Another ultra-sound? His Ultra-
sound did show a 7.3 mm nodule on his right adrenal gland, (U/S done
4/14/2009 @ University of Pennsylvania Vet. Hospital).

The nodule is probably not an issue at this point. The endogenous ACTH
level indicates the problem is with the pituitary (probably a small tumor
in the anterior lobe of the pituitary) that is releasing excess ACTH, and
this is stimulating the adrenals to produce excessive adrenal steroids.

>>>Treatment in this case can be melatonin and the flax hull product, and a
maintenance dose of Lysodren can also be added to give greater coverage
(treatment effect). I can discuss this with your veterinarian if it would
be helpful.

>>>Hope that helps. Regards, Jack.

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