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Default Re: Spirit Crossed the Bridge Today..... June 9, 2016

Originally Posted by Abby's Mom View Post

Your recent post resonated with me. They will always be our "sweetest pups", and because of diabetes, we do have such a special bond with them, one that we will carry with us forever.

I find myself, when missing Abby, to stop by this forum. I think we all share that bond, and can understand your words, that were written so well.

Take care, and hope your saddens lessens. You know he is lurking around...right in your heart.

He's never left my side Barb......It will be 3 months on Friday. It's gonna be odd getting in the motorhome and heading south for the winter without my co-pilot.
Jim/Marijane & Spirit, Newfoundland, born Dec 22, 2007, 115lbs. DX Oct. 2011, 18.5 units Humulin 2x per day. Hills WD kibble, Hills WD can made into gravy, boiled chicken. Spirit passed on June 9, 2016 and it had nothing to do with diabetes.....farewell my buddy.
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